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We recommend flea and tick preventions with the following products.  These products are sold over the counter at HVCC, no prescription needed. We offer competitive prices and often lower costs of Frontline sold elsewhere.


  Frontline-Topical treats and controls fleas and ticks.  When you buy 3 months (doses) you get 1 FREE or buy 6 months (doses) and get 2 FREE. As always Merial has a flea guarantee program when purchased through a veterinarian and pet has been on the product for a minimal of 3 months.

NexGard-chewable tablet.  Easily given monthly tablet to treat and control fleas and ticks.
*product should not be given to pets that have seizures.

Heartgard Plus once monthly chewable tablet to prevent Heartworm, treats and controls Roundworms and Hookworms. We recommend year round protection for your beloved pet.  A simple blood test once a year is all you need to
protect your fur child.

Revolution-Topical prevents Heartworm, treats and controls Fleas in Dogs & Cats.  Treats and controls Roundworms, Hookworms and ear mites (Cats only). A simple blood test once a year is all you need to protect your fur child.

Sentinel-chewable tablet prevents Heartworm and sterilizes Adult fleas. Treats & controls Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms.  A simple blood test once a year is all you need to protect your fur child.

*other medications are available on a per case basis.

Helpful products for your canine companion


Soft convenient chews that may help prevent and treat dry flaky skin, support skin and ear health,  and increase joint comfort.




Adaptil is a copy of the pheromone released from the mother dog after having a litter of puppies that provides a sense of reassurance and calm.  Adaptil can build confidence levels in your pet, helps improve capacity to learn and adapt, helps puppies become well socialized dogs for life and helps dogs cope with loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms.  

Feliway can help your cat with the following behaviors: helps stop vertical scratching and spraying, helps restore harmony in multi-cat households, helps comfort your cat when traveling, and helps cats cope with challenging situations.

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