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This is Heidi. She recently underwent a surgery to remove her infected uterus. This infection of the uterus is known as Pyometra. Pyometra can occur in any female dog or cat that has not been spayed.

 Heidi’s owner had become concerned when he recently noticed that Heidi was acting very lethargic and had started to vomit. These are both signs associated with Pyometra. Some other signs to look for are depression, anorexia, excessive water intake, excessive urination, pale mucous membranes and vaginal discharge. Less common indications include diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal distension and inflamed eyes. Some pets may show no clinical signs other than purulent vaginal discharge.

After diagnosing Heidi, immediate intervention was taken to prevent further infection and/or death. An ovariohysterectomy also known as “spay” is the treatment of choice. This treatment usually results in minimal recurrence and a rapid recovery. Heidi will have to take antibiotics to prevent further infection, and pain medications to keep her comfortable after her surgery. It is important to monitor after surgery to watch for any complications. Heidi will also have to return after her surgery for a check up to make sure that she is healing nicely and to have her sutures removed.

Pyometra, along with unwanted pregnancy, ovarian, uterine, and mammary cancer, are some of the many reasons why we always recommend having your pet spayed at the appropriate age.




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