Cat and Dog Boarding in Richmond, MI

Cat and Dog Boarding in Richmond, MI

You have boarding?

Yes! We have spacious accommodations for our canine clientele, complete with raised matting and comfortable bedding. Group accommodations are available for multi-pet families that love to be together. Our canine guests enjoy walks on the grounds 4 times a day. Additional walks available upon request.

My pet has health issues, or needs to have his or her vaccines updated? What should I do? 

It is a fun perk of being connected to a hospital, all medications and supplements are administered by trained team members. Clients may elect for annual services (vaccines, bloodwork, etc.) to be performed while their pet is boarding at our facility.

So I want to go on vacation but I can’t bring my cat with me, what should I do?

That is totally fine! We have a specific room for our boarding feline friends. Our cat “condos” are purrrfect for your furry feline. With a hide-away corner in every “condo”, your feline friend will feel safe and secure during their stay. There is also Feline approved “mewsic” that is selected to provide and promote the “comforts of home.”  

My pet has a specific blanket/toy/food, that they only will eat/use, can they bring it with them?

Of course! Guests may bring their own meals or can opt to have meals supplied for an additional fee. Guests may bring their favorite creature comforts (toys, beds, or blankets) to make their stay more comfortable.

OoOoO this sounds like a good fit for my pet what kind of requirements does my pet need to meet to stay?

All canine and feline guest(s) must be current on their wellness examination and the following vaccines:

• For Dogs: DHPP (Distemper/Parvo), Bordetella, Rabies, Heartworm Test, Influenza, Giardia and Intestinal Parasite Screen.

• For Cats: FVRCP (Distemper), Feline Leukemia/FIV Test, Rabies, Giardia, and Intestinal Parasite Screen.

** All guests checked in for boarding must be free of external parasites. Guest(s) found to have fleas or ticks will be treated at the client’s expense.

Perfect! I’ve Scheduled my pet to come by and have a fabulous time, what next?

Scheduled check-in or check-out times are welcome between 9:00 am and 30 minutes prior to closing of our normal business hours. Check-in and check-out options are not available on Sundays. For additional questions or arrangements, please reach out to a client ambassador at (586) 727-5445.

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