Class IV Laser Therapy for Pets

Class IV Laser Therapy for Pets

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, non invasive treatment to reduce pain, inflammation, and to speed healing.

Woah! Lasers, aren’t those dangerous? How does it work?

At Howell Veterinary Care Center, we use a Class IV Deep Tissue Laser. It sends bundles of light energy, photons, into tissue.  These photons are absorbed into the energy center; the mitochondria of individual cells. The absorption of this energy starts a chemical cascade that increases the production of energy, ATP, in the cell. This energy is necessary for repair and rejuvenation of cells. During the short laser treatments, your pets feels only gentle and soothing warmth.

What does it treat?

At Howell Veterinary Care Center, laser therapy is used for a variety of things including muscle sprains or strains, wounds, infections, arthritis, ear hematomas, urinary tract infections, surgical incisions, periodontal disease, and inflammation among other conditions.

Wow I think that will really help my pet! How do I set up an appointment?

Any doctor at Howell Veterinary Care Center can help decide and advise whether laser therapy is beneficial for your pet. Start with setting up an examination appointment with any of our doctors!

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